IMarEST was established in London in 1889, is the leading international membership body and learned society for marine professionals, with over 15,000 members worldwide.

The IMarEST has a strong international presence with an extensive marine network of 50 international branches, affiliations with major marine societies around the world, representation on the key marine technical committees and non-governmental status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).


Aquamarine is proud to be a part of this massive and professional institution.


test kits, lab tests and marine dosing equipment


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  • Marine Potable Water Test Kits – Ballast Water Test Kit –  Legionella Testing, Effluent test Kits – Free Chlorine test kits – Turbidity 
  • Boiler test kits and Dosing Equipment – Effluent Test Kits – Liquid Antifoulant dosing kit – Evaporator Dosing kit – Potable Water Dosing Kit
  • MBC Testing (Lube, Fuel, Hydraulic),  Lube & Hydraulic Oil Testing – Incubators
  • Cooling water test kits & more

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Free-Chlorine Colorometer Test Kit for Potable Water

Potable Water Test Kit to assist with the compliance of the current IHR (2005), ILO 178 (2009) and Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) on 20th August 2013. Tektrak offers this easy to use test kit for Free Chlorine (colorometer) Low and High Range, covers drinking water testing and also levels for super-chlorination, includes pH sticks, compact kit comes in sturdy plastic carrying case.

Reference: tektrak Potable Water Free-Chlorine Test Kit

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Aquamarine  –   Marine Chemicals for all your ship chemical requirements

Super-Chlorination for Potable Water

Ship Drinking Water Tank & System Super-Chlorination – New Spray Method using Shipsan®

  • Most efficient method including Hoses, taps and pipework.
  • The new spray method of Super-chlorination on a ship for drinking water systems
  • Shipsan® sterilant is also available as a shock treatment Drinking Water/Potable Water  Treatment in case of bio-film issues or legionella.
  • Saves days of work and eliminates unnecessary water waste
  • Shipsan is used heavily diluted
  • Its results take minutes instead of hours
  • No need to empty the tank after, remove any debris and good to go. Shipsan is more effective than hypochlorite and is not corrosive to the tanks or systems. Shipsan is Supplied in 25 litre drums.
  • (Please note you cannot use Sodium or Calcium Hypochlorite for spray super-chlorination but you can use Shipsan®

Keep a stock on board (in most cases 2-4 drums is adequate) in case of an outbreak of legionella or in case of requirement to super-chlorinate by the Port Health Authority. These cleaning solutions give give Value-for-money & Best Practice more info here


New!  Shipsan® Sterilant Spray for MLC 2006 Compliance

Available in packs of  6 or 12 x 500 ml.

  • use for hose couplings
  • hoses
  • galley surfaces
  • public area surfaces
  • around spas
  • hospitals and med centres
  • Final stage sterilant in food prep areas.
  • Kills harmful bacteria fast and efficiently
  • Removes bio-film
  • Ready to use.

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Water Safety Plans

Water Saftey Plans from SHIPSAN® – the fast solution to compliance


  • Water Safety Plans, fast & easy from Shipsan – fully compliant with all current marine legislation.  £165.00 current fixed cost price, no survey, no ship visit, your route to fast and relevant compliance.
  • We can also supply relevant test kits for your ship.  “one kit does not fit all”, many ships are doing the wrong or unnecessary tests.
  • Fast-Dissolving Drinking water tablets to suit your system. Safe and long-term storage.
Reliable, methodical, practical, cost-effective & compliant

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Aquasteel Rust Converter

AQUA-STEEL– No.1 Rust Converter for the marine industry

  • Unique corrosion control system
  • For use in the aggressive marine environment
  • For treatment of rusted ferrous metal surfaces.

The ferrous surface to be protected is converted on contact to a complex organic iron compound by the unique de-oxygenating agent incorporated in the Aquasteel converter. This black, corrosion-resistant layer is formed by utilizing all the surface moisture and oxygen during the reduction reaction. The special co-polymer latex emulsion system dries to form an impermeable barrier to oxygen and moisture.

  • Water based and solvent free.
  • Contains no harsh phosphoric or hydrofluoric acids,
  • Safe for employees and for the environment.

It has been used extensively in the marine industry for over 20 years during which time it has been further improved to become the Ship and Marine industry most popular rust treatment and preventative product.

youtube video
Aquasteel Youtube Video


Aquasteel can extend paint life in excess of 3 years.

Easy preparation

  • Remove rust flakes
  • De-grease and de-salt, may be applied damp.
  • Aquasteel can be left in its black finish, or can be over-painted.
    Available in 4 x 5 Litre & 25 Litres.  see for smaller packs or call 01684 290077

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Essential training on board, on-line or via Tektrak Cloud

  • Testing, Monitoring & Maintaining Boilers
  • Engine Cooling Systems – Testing,  Monitoring, Logging, Maintaining, Record keeping
  • Galley Hygiene
  • Legionella & L8
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Chemical Storage & chemical use including IHM
  • PPE & Chemicals
  • Understanding acids
  • Potable Water on Board the whole story – how to be safe and comply with the regulations
  • Water Safety Plans – all you need to know
  • IMO and MGN and chemicals in use on board

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Potable Water Safety Plans

Shipsan for the best in fresh water maintenance systems  Online Drinking Water Safety Plans made easy.


Water Safety Plan

Water Safety Plan (need one now

Every ship is required to have a Water Safety Plan under M.L.C. 2006 as well as on-board testing.

Our Water Safety Plans are designed to your specific systems, needs and circumstances.

Shipsan plan is quick and easy to implement, it will identify your systems on board and identify what testing is required, where it is required and the frequency.

We provide all that is required on board for your water management and can offer a package to suit your needs. We do not over-specify your testing requirements and our user-friendly system enables you to have peace of mind in terms of compliance with legislation, quality water for your crew and maximum reduction in the risk of on-board pathogens including legionnaires’ disease.

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Aquamarine Chemical Supplier to Ships & Marine Industry since 1992

Aquamarine Chemicals, a British owned company, is proud to supply a comprehensive range of  ship chemicals to the Marine Industry since 1992.

Our global reach and technical support combined with proactive innovation and state of the art chemical product portfolio makes us the No. 1 choice.

Working with equipment names such as Hamworthy, Wartzila, Rolls Royce, MAN B&W, Aalborg, Sulzer for Engines, Boilers, Effluent plant, Reverse Osmosis Equipment, Oily Water Separators, Purifiers and an all-encompassing ship package our customers have the confidence to work with us and ask for advice on chemical applications for specific equipment and cleaning issues.

Aquamarine gives full technical assistance for coolant and boiler management, with monthly feedback on ship coolant logs together with online management options.

Additionally we  offer Water Safety Plans for Potable Water and a full management service if required. visit for more information or call us on 00 44 (0) 1684 290077 or email