Condensate Controller

Aquamarine Condensate Controller is a liquid volatile amine product used as a neutralising agent in condensate and feed water systems of all pressures.

How does it work?
Condensate Controller is an alkaline amine which acts as a neutralising agent which combats acid contamination in condensate and feed water systems. This is most commonly caused by the presence of dissolved carbon dioxide. Condensate Controller neutralises these products and maintains a protective film in the system. The product is recycled as a result of its volatility which causes it to carry over with the steam.

Dosing Instructions
Condensate Controller is best dosed using a metering pump or flow meter. The best dosing points are the condensate pump discharge, hot well or condensate return tank (feed line must be at least 1 metre below surface), or the deaerator storage tank.

• Dosing levels are set to maintain a pH between 8.5-9.2

Take a representative sample of condensate and test it for pH. If the pH is in the target range add a dose of 0.75 litres/day of Condensate Controller.  Dosing is based on a system of 10-12m³.  If the pH is below this level increase the dose to 1.0 litre/day for 3 days and retest the pH. If the pH is above the target range decrease the dose to 0.5 litres/day for 3 days and retest the pH. It is important that regular testing is carried out to ensure levels of treatment are correct.

Condensate Samples should always be taken from the drains cooler or condenser.

Cool the sample and test immediately.

Pack Size 25 Litres
NSN J150 9140-99-581-5784 Product Ref. 0022