Emulsion Breaker

Emulsion Breaker

EMULSION BREAKER rapidly breaks emulsions of water in oil in all grades of fuel, it aids water removal in the settling tank and fuel centrifuges.

How does it work:
EMULSION BREAKER lowers the surface tension between the oil and water phases in an emulsion. It is completely insoluble in water and remains in the fuel oil phase.
It also disperses sludges and any heavy particles into the fuel oil.

Results of use:
EMULSION BREAKER improves centrifugal separation of fines, it helps prevent sludge formation and stabilises fuel viscosity. The fuel filters and lines will be cleaner with less inclination towards blockage.
The main purpose of EMULSION BREAKER is however to rapidly split water in oil emulsions.

Dosing Instructions:
EMULSION BREAKER is dosed to the bunker tank prior or during bunkering. Dosing is based on water content using test results. If none are available an initial dose of 1:4000 should be used.
Water % Vol 0.5 – 1.0 1.0 – 2.00 >2.0
Dose Rate 1:4000 1:2000 1:1000


EMULSION BREAKER is an aid to the physical removal of water from all grades of fuel.
Product Ref. 0050