Stainless Steel Wipes for ship galley and accommodation

Stainless Steel Wipes

No grease marks, leaves stainless looking new!

A non abrasive smooth cloth wipe for cleaning and maintaining of polished or burnished metal surfaces. Ideal for use in kitchens, breweries, restaurants, hair salons, etc. Easily and quickly removes finger prints, grease or oil splashes and general marking which detract from the appearance of the metal. On drying, leaves behind an ultra light film which resists re-deposition, and allows easy wiping away of any subsequent marking.

• Very effective on most metal surfaces
• Leaves ultra light residual, protective film
• Replaces abrasive pads and/or creams
• Swift action
• Maintains metal appearance as new
• Easy to use
• Leaves surfaces clean and non sticky
• Non tainting

Always wear latex or PVC gloves to avoid drying of the skin.
Pull out one or two sheets from centre of dispenser lid; wipe over surface and allow to dry. For heavy grease deposits, wiping over with a clean dry cloth after cleaning will remove any chance of streaking.

Supplied in centre pull plastic canisters of 200 wipes
NSN J250-7920-99-171-9189 Product Ref. 0069