RO Low pH Cleaner/Sanitiser

Aquamarine RO Low pH Cleaner/Sanitiser

Membrane cleaning compound for inorganic salts (not recommended for use with Pall products.)

Description & Use
RO Cleaner Low is a membrane cleaner based on a food grade hydrochloric acid and other additives and is specifically designed to remove calcium carbonate scaling.
Ro Cleaner Low should always be used as recommended by the membrane manufacturer or equipment supplier, in respect to cleaning, pH and temperature.

Product Benefits
Liquid product for ease of use
High level of active substance

General Specification*
Appearance: straw coloured liquid
Non Flammable
Treatment and Dosage Requirements
Cleaning solutions should be prepared with chlorine free product water to give a 4%
w/w solution, the cleaning solution must be stabilised at pH 2.0 or higher.
The cleaning time depends on the amount of fouling present but is usually completed within three hours. If the cleaning solution becomes red/brown in colour it must be changed as it has become exhausted. The RO Cleaner Low solution should always be discarded after use.

25 Ltr Drum – NSN J150-6550-99-975-0553
Product Ref. 0032