Aqua Hand Cleaner Plus

Aqua Hand Cleaner Plus – 5 litres

A crimson fine beaded, gel skin cleaner that rapidly and effectively removes oil, grease, creosote, typical marine paints, general dirt and grime. Based on proven cleaning agents which easily lifts most soiling. Pleasant odour improves user acceptability. An extremely stable product that has good shelf life.
•Effective and suitable for the heaviest soiling
•Can be used daily because of its mildness
•Works with hot or cold water in hard or soft areas
•Pleasant residual citrus smell on hands after washing
•The massaging action of the polybeads helps remove soiling
•Beads will not cause drain blocking
•Contains skin emollients
•Dispensers available to reduce the risk of cross infection

Hand Cleaning: Use a 5g application onto dry hands. Work well into soil and then rinse with clean water and towel dry.
Do not use on face or sensitive skin; avoid areas of broken or sore skin.
Supplied in 5 ltr dispensing jar.
Jar bracket supplied separately.

Product Ref. 00SSD5