Enzyme Grease Trap and Galley Waste Degrader GD20X

Enzyme Grease Trap and Galley

‘Waste Degrader GD20X’

Enzyme System Cleaner
For fat and grease deposits in galley application.
GD20X is an enzyme based product designed to keep drains and grease traps clear and free-running which might otherwise get gummed up.
It will digest fats, greases and organic waste materials by dosing from 200ml daily via critical outlet point at a time when the galley has the longest period when not in use thus allowing the enzymes to work for the maximum length of time.

Enzymes produced by bacteria can initiate breakdown and degrade specific foods:
1. Lipase breaks down fat
2. Protease breaks down proteins such as meat & cheese
3. Amylase degrades starches such as potatoes & bread
4. Cellulase breaks down plant fibre from vegetables

Dose for Commercial kitchens
• INITIAL Seeding: 1.5 litre per m3 of trap (directly into the trap)
• Maintenance: with a dosing pump:










Directions of use for GD20X
1. Pump the grease trap out
2. Initial seeding : dose GD20X directly to the trap manhole
3. Maintenance dose : for liquid treatment, place the dosing pump in the kitchen so as to feed the drain
4. Set the timer so as to inject product 1-2 hours after the end of the working hours

1. Proactive versus Reactive treatment – reduce grease before problems occur
2. Odour control
3. Reduction of pumping frequency (3-4 fold less)
4. Reduction of back-ups and flooding
5. Real degradation of grease rather than moving grease downstream
6. Prevent blockages
7. Safe for users and environment
9. 25 litre drum

Dosing equipment is available from Aquamarine Chemicals if required.
NSN J250-6850-99-512-2014 Product Ref. 0075