AQUA-FLOC 1003A Effluent and Waste Treatment

AQUA-FLOC 1003A Effluent and Waste Treatment

Approved Marinol Product

Aqua-Floc 1003A consists of synthetic high molecular weight; water-soluble polyelectrolytes used as flocculants in water and waste treatment applications. They are classified as anionic, cationic or non-ionic depending on their charge.
Aqua-Floc 1003A varies in molecular weight and charge to best meet the industrial and marine applications at hand. Available in both liquid and powder form.
Aqua-Floc 1003A is a primary inorganic coagulant and is used in clarification of turbid waters and the separation and precipitation of contaminants in effluent waters.
Aqua-Floc 1003A is based on Polymeric Aluminium salts, and is particularly suited to the separation of organic contaminants.

Physical state Colourless liquid
Specific Gravity 1.19-1.22@20ºC
Aluminium Oxide 9.5-10.5%
Chloride 10.0-12.0%
Effective at very low dosages
Performs well over a wide pH range
Easy to feed as liquid
Dissolve rapidly
Non-corrosive and easy to handle
High activity
Do not require second product for pH adjustment

This treatment dosage depends on many factors, such as the type and quantity of solids to be separated and the retention of settling time available. Generally, dosages of 0.5 to 50 p.p.m will be required, though the actual dosage required must be determined for each system.
Aqua-Floc 1003A solution should be pumped with a positive displacement pump into the system at a point where good mixing occurs. Addition of the polymer should be made as near as possible to the point where flocculation takes place. Avoid excessive turbulence after floc formation.

Although most Aquamarine Chemical products are considered non-toxic, care should be exercised when handling these products to avoid excessive skin and eye contact. If contact is made, flush with water. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for detailed handling and storage information.

Pack Size 25 Litre
NSN J150 6850-99-997-0267 Product Ref. 0024