Shipsan® Spray Sterilant

Shipsan® Spray Sterilant


Shipsan® 99.9999% Effective

  • Galley Final Stage Sterilant

    • Hospital areas

    •   Saunas

    • Laundry Areas

    • Showers & Shower Heads

    • Hose Couplings

    • Taps

    • Air Filters

    • Drinking Water Hose Spray

    • Additive for laundry wash

    • Removes Bio-film

    • Ready to use


BSEN 1276/BSEN 13697 for Food & Water – NO ALCOHOL.  Kills all known pathogens including Norovirus, Legionella, Salmoella, E.Coli, MRSA

Fast, Effective Safe

Reccommended for Galley, food prep areas including as a final stage sterilant for all surfaces.


Available packed ready to use 500ml x 6 per pack.