Enzyme Effluent Treatment Powder

Enzyme Effluent Treatment Powder

Aquamarine Enzyme Effluent Treatment Powder keeps tanks and pipes clean and odour free. It keeps the sewage plant fluid and operating at peak efficiency. A liquid solution needs to be made up for initial dose for treating effluent tanks.


Previously untreated tanks – containing more than 2.5 tonnes effluent

An initial dose of 1kg/tonne of effluent into a non-treated solid effluent tank is recommended. Add 1kg of the powder to 10 litres of warm fresh water (35°C). Leave for 10 minutes for the product to activate. Agitate the tank if possible. Add the liquid and then the balance of the powder required. If the effluent has become solidified or hard then it may take 2 – 3 weeks for a slurry to be achieved. When the tank is emptied ensure that at least 0.25 tonne of effluent is left in order that the enzyme treatment is not completely flushed away, otherwise re-dosing is required as below.

Previously untreated tanks – empty
Dose at a point when the tank contains at least 0.25 tonnes effluent, this will allow the Enzyme Effluent Treatment Powder to achieve its optimum level of activity and efficiency. Dose 1kg Enzyme Effluent Treatment Powder into the tank pre-mixed with warm water 35°C which has been left for 10 minutes prior to dosing.
• Dosing may be easiest by using the nearest toilet to the proximity of the effluent tank, also use Aquamarine Enzyme Toilet Cleaner (used conventionally) to keep the enzymes in the effluent tank active, to prevent further slug-dose requirements which can be costly.

Pack Size 10 kg
NSN J150 7930-99-168-4859 Product Ref. 0019