Power Flower

Power Flower

Brighten your day with a fresh invigorating shower! Keep your drains clear and free of toxic odours at the same time ….. NEW!! 3-in-1 action – it really does what it says!!
The unique action of Powerflower will remove hair blockages, eliminate bad odours and fill your shower with exciting fragrances. Active ingredients released with every shower will clean away hair, scum and slime from the shower outlet.

Easy to use:
Place the Powerflower in the bottom of the shower tray with the water soluble tablet in the water flow from the shower
The tablet will dissolve slowly over a period of 1 – 3 months depending on your frequency of showering. After 3 months the tablet will become ineffective and should be discarded.
Replace the tablet with a Powerflower refill when it has dissolved away by lifting out the central cap, rinse away any residue and replace with a new tablet. Replace the cap and reposition in the base of the shower tray and everytime you shower a small amount is dissolved which keeps the shower outlet in tip top condition

Powerflower is completely non hazardous to use.











Power-Flower (Blackleaf Mint)bulk pack 10 + 10 – NSN J250-7930-99-553-4085
Power-Flower (Lemon and Lyme) bulk pack 10 + 10 – NSN J250-7930-99-752-0142
Power-Flower (Lavender) bulk pack 10+10 – NSN J250-7930-99-958-6104
Power-Flower Refill (Blackleaf Mint) x 20 – NSN J250-7930-99-254-7941
Power-Flower Refill (Lemon and Lyme) x 20 – NSN J250-7930-99-428-8347
Power-Flower Refill (Lavender) x 20 – NSN J250-7930-99-301-1986

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