Aquamarine Bio-Card

Aquamarine Bio-Card

– Effluent & Sanitary odour & bacteria treatment
Aquamarine Bio-card is for use in Sanitary Units, Waste Bins, Commerical Food Waste Bins, wheeley bins, medical waste bins



Additional uses:
Protection from moth infestations, de-odourising of sewage tanks, can be used to de-dorising cargo tanks.
Bio-Card is the latest concept for germicidal sanitary unit products

How does the Bio-Card work?
It is based on our patented, natural vapour technology and tested to ensure activity throughout the unit for the duration of a service.
The main active components are based on our unique blend of volatile, natural plant extracts such as cinnamon tree bark.
The first noticeable effect of the Bio-Card is the immediate fragrancing action which creates a pleasant cinnamon aroma in the surrounding area.
During this process the natural anti-microbial vapours permeate the whole unit and continue to be effective even when the unit is full.
The active carrier has been specifically developed to release the natural based germicide in a controlled manner to ensure total natural anti-microbial coverage throughout the duration of the service.

Bio card specification
* Active throughout a sanitary unit for 4 weeks
* Unique testing regime to confirm product efficacy
* Tested in actual sanitary units
* Product testing demonstrates high level of efficacy against broad range of bacteria
* The active ingredient in Bio-Card is proven to be effective against Hep B, Hep C and HIV
* The active ingredient in Bio-Card is used as an effective fungicide and insecticide
* Highly effective odour control working through the unique vapour action
* Pleasant natural fragrance released to the surrounding area when unit is used
* Active ingredient made from unique plant extract formula
* Product carrier is made from totally biodegradable material
* Carrier sourced from a renewable resource
* Extremely effective in lined and unlined bins
* 1 Bio-Card per dose ensures cost effective accurate dosing
* Very easy to use little training for operators required
* Compact packaging reduces shipping costs
* Patented technology
* For use in closed/bin applications

Bio-Card vapour eradicates 99.999% of bacteria and remains effective throughout the life of the service.
Bio-Card – The natural anti microbial solution Bio-Card is a natural anti microbial product this means that it will eradicate bacteria that enter and grow in a sanitary unit or waste disposal bin or tank. Not reccomended for use in food areas.
Aquamarine BioCard – Effluent & Sanitary odour & bacteria treatment Aquamarine Bio‐card is for use in Sanitary Units, Waste Bins, Commerical Food Waste Bins, wheeley bins, medical waste bins.

Why treat sanitary waste?
Sanitary waste units and waste bins (particularly food) are a breeding ground for micro organisms, leading to the development of mal odours in washrooms, galleys and waste storage areas.
Offensive odours in washrooms leads to a poor perception of service levels by visitors, staff and the growth of potentially pathogenic micro organisms.
Protection of both operators and clients is a major priority if infections are to be avoided.
Many service companies use products which simply try to mask the malodour and offer no protection to their operators or clients.

The Bio-Card carrier has been specifically selected for its low lignin content resulting in greater biodegradability over a shorter time frame. The entire bio-card will biodegrade when disposed of at the end of a service.
The Bio-Card is derived from sustainable materials that safeguard the protection of our environment
The active ingredients derived from plant extracts combined with the natural carrier provides the user with a totally safe solution for treatment of sanitary and waste applications.

Packed in sealed pack of 200 units.
The Bio-Card will have a shelf life of approximately 12 months if the pack is unopened.
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