Membrane Biocide

Aqua Membrane Biocide

Membrane cleaning compound and sanitizer.

Description and Use
Aqua Membrane Biocide is a liquid blend of sodium bisulphite specifically designed to clean metal oxides from RO membranes in particular iron oxides. The product also sanitizes the membranes.
Aqua Membrane Biocide must always be used as recommended by the membrane manufacture in respect of temperature and pH. Compatibility with all membrane types must not be assumed.

Product Benefits
Concentrated liquid product for ease of use Effective cleaner, at low concentrations, for removing iron fouling from membranes.
Has a wide range of applications and compatibility with many other cleaners

General Specifications *
Appearance: Clear liquid
pH of 1.0% solution : 1.0
* All figures approximate

Treatment and Dosing Requirements
Chlorine free product water should be used to make up a 1.0- 2.0% solution of Membrane Biocide. The cleaning solution should be circulated though the elements for one hour at temperature of 30?C and the pH adjusted to 3.5. The flow rate should be as designated by the membrane manufacturer or equipment manufacturer. Soaking the membrane for 1-15 hours to remove iron from the membrane is recommended for
severe fouling.
This sequence may have to be repeated in the case of heavily fouled membranes. After the cleaning process the membranes should be rinsed with clean water to remove any residual Membrane Biocide.

25 Ltr – NSN J150 6840-99-359-6037
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