H.D Cement Descaler

H.D. Cement Descaler is a special ship product which has been successful for use in keeping cement storage facilities and handling equipment including decks and cargo areas free of cement build-up. The application is also beneficial for lorries carrying cement cargo.

Directions for use
The product is a strong mineral acid cement remover which should be used with care. Aquamarine H.D. Cement Descaler should be used neat for very stubborn cement, however we recommend using the product diluted between 1:4 and 1:9 with water initially to see if the product is effective. The product should be left in contact for a period adequate to allow break down of the cement to occur. After applying the product the surface cleaned should be rinsed thoroughly with water. The product being an acid will attack metal surfaces and should always be used as
sparingly as possible. It is absolutely essential that the safety precautions marked on the drum label are followed. This is because this particular product is far more aggressive than the products normally used on board ship. In other words full chemical eye goggles should be worn. Chemical resistant gloves should be used and suitable impervious footwear and overalls should be worn.

For full SAFETY DATA follow the information given on the Product Safety Data Sheet.
Product Ref. 0051