Liquid Antifoulant

Liquid Antifoulant for Seawater Systems

Liquid Anti-Foulant for sea and fresh water cooling systems –a non biocide approach to mollusc and sea growth control.

Sea Water Dosing UnitLiquid Antifoulant has been developed to deal with the recent biological changes in coastal waters primarily evolving because of the substantial reduction in seawater pollution.

It is for the treatment of:
• Mussels
• Biological Growth
• Micro Organisms
This is achieved by preventing the adherence of mollusc larvae to ship surfaces because of a build-up of a layer of liquid anti-foul ant in the sea water system. The treatment is best used from a clean system and existing growth will be unlikely to be removed except by physical removal or descaling (using Aquamarine Descaling Liquid).

Liquid Antifoulant Graph

Always inject the product below the water level. Dose at 6 ppm for one hour per day.
Dosing is not necessary in deep sea.
In port when practicable dose the condenser with a solution of 200ppm and allow to stand for 24 hours.
Pack Size 25 Litres

NSN J150 6840-99-988-8249
Product Ref. 0018