Potable Water Red Rust Treatment

drinking water red rust water, seen here extreme potable water discolouration

Aqua-Potable Water Red Rust Treatment

Solves the Red Rust problems associated with drinking water on ships.

• Aqua-Potable Water Treatment (PWT) will improve water quality and have no deleterious effects on taste or colour of water
• Treatable problems occurring in potable water include scale formation, iron oxide precipitation, foam generation and corrosion
• PWT is a potable water anti-scale product that is suitable for both hard and soft water and for hot and cold systems. PWT is based on an inorganic phosphate product that is USDA approved for use in potable water systems and will not cause any environmental or health problems
• PWT is efficient and effective and will give complete protection required in the modern potable water system. PWT is cost-effective and will give the best anti-scale inhibition available.

The product should be used at a rate of 50ml / tonne of water, which should give adequate protection. It should be dosed by means of a chemical pump.
The treatment is proportioned in relationship to the quality and quantity of water to be treated by means of a dispenser or chemical pump.

Pack Size: PWT is packed in 25 litre polydrums
NSN J700 6850-99-180-3598 Product Ref. 0029
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