Air Cooler Cleaner


• Fouling of air coolers is reduced thus heat transfer and engine efficiency is improved
• Fire hazards from the build up of grease and residues are minimised
• Down time and expense of periodic dismantling of the air handling system for cleaning is eliminated
• Scavenging efficiency is improved by the reduction of deposit build-up around scavenging ports
• Water displacing surfactants incorporated in the chemical form a mono molecular film throughout the air handling system, which protects the metals and reduces the adherence of airborne contaminants

• In service cleaning of diesel engine air coolers and scavenge trunk systems
• For use in soak baths, immersion cleaning systems
• Light carbon removal from machinery parts

Dosage/User Instructions
Aquamarine Carbon Remover combined Air Cooler Cleaner is suitable for all types of diesel engine. The cleaner/fresh water mixture has no flash point and cylinder lubrication is not impaired.
The following table shows our recommendation for initial dosage per air cooler. This is based on one injection every 24 hours. This can be varied based on performance of the pressure drops across the air coolers.








Product can be applied by injection, immersion or circulation. For immersion and circulation, cleaning time is reduced considerably by heating the chemical to maximum 50°C. If the air coolers are very dirty it may be advisable to use Aquamarine Aquawash to thoroughly clean the system before commencing the injection treatment.

Immersion method:
The dismantled parts to be cleaned are laid in a tank specially designed for the purpose and been filled with the cleaning chemical. Movement is achieved by means of compressed air. Cleaning time is estimated to take from 5 – 12 hours.

Circulation method:
The equipment to be cleaned like fuel oil pre-heater, oil cooler etc is connected to a pump and a tank by means of tubes. Depending on the degree of fouling, the cleaner is circulated through the equipment for 5 – 15 hours.

Injection method:
By means of a special injection system a mixture of the chemical and fresh water in a ratio of 1:2 (observe the mixture ratio exactly) is injected into the air channel between the turbo blower and the air cooler. This is followed by a second injection of fresh water only.
25 Ltrs – NSN J150 6850-99-562-6222 Product Ref. 0012