ACC Plus – for air cooler cleaning

ACC Plus – Air Cooler Cleaner Plus

A powerful micro fluid, specifically developed for the removal of heavy grease, tar and grime from machinery, floors, walls and many other hard surfaces including engines and gearboxes of road vehicles. Extensively used as a solvent replacement for ink removal. Also suitable for pressure washing all vehicles, agricultural equipment and industrial plant machinery. Being a combination of quality solvents and powerful surfactants ACC Plus offers the benefits of a solvent product with the health and safety considerations of detergents. Its unique properties remove encrusted salt from bodywork and painted surfaces whilst also eliminating any tar spots, insects and bird lime leaving the surface clean and streak free.

• Effective at high dilution
• Easily removes ink, grease, oil dirt and grime
• Does not contain ingredients which accelerate metal corrosion
• Safe on glass, rubber and plastic surfaces
• Ideal for hot or cold presssure wash machines
• Effective in hard and soft waters
• Contains odourless safety solvent


Use at up to 1 to 200 parts in water via a pressure washer system. Work from bottom to top of equipment under low pressure. Allow a few minutes contact time and then remove with high pressure jet again working from bottom to top.

Hand Washing:
Pre-dilute 1:50 in water and apply liberally all over surface to be cleaned.
Allow a few minutes contact time, then rinse well. Use neat on any stubborn deposits.

Engine/Gearbox Cleaning:
Foam onto area to be cleaned, allow 5 minutes contact time and rinse off. Use of steam at this stage will improve results.

Ink Removal:
Use neat with brush or swab. May be diluted and rinsed with water depending on application
25 Ltrs. Product Ref. 012A