Natural Zest Cleaner

Natural Zest Cleaner

A completely different heavy duty cleaner.

Aquamarine Natural Zest Cleaner is the environmental answer to effective cleaning. Manufactured from citrus pulp, it is natural and safe. Biodegradable, it is extremely efficient in use and readily water rinseable. The natural pleasant citrus odour is an added bonus. It also forms self-splitting emulsions for ease of disposal.

• Removal of heavy industrial contaminants
• Engine degreasing
• Hard surface cleaning of decks, bulkheads and paintwork
• May be used with Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks and Cleaning Machines
• Suitable for Oily Water Separators
• Suitable for synthetic materials, rubber and cured lacquers
• Particularly suitable for cleaning aluminium where a neutral pH is required.
• IMO Approved & Certified

Aquamarine Natural Zest Cleaner is suitable for application by spray, brush, cloth or immersion. It can be used neat or diluted 1:5 with water depending on the degree of soiling.
Aquamarine Natural Zest Cleaner is effective for cleaning oil, grease, grime, animal and vegetable fats. For cleaning interior surfaces or lighter grime, dilution can be increased up to 1:40 in water.
For Ultrasonic baths use at 5-25% solution at 45-70°C for 10-15 minutes. Replace ultrasonic solution regularly. Rinse off all components after cleaning with water.

The Product should not be used on Asphalt surfaces, also avoid zinc, galvanised metals and magnesium alloys.

Pack Size 25 Litre or 5 Litres
25 Ltrs – NSN J200 6850-99-727-6144 Product Ref. 0020
5 Ltrs – NSN J200 6850-99-783-3948 Product Ref. 0020