Descaling Liquid

Descaling Liquid

A Heavy duty liquid acid descaler.

Aquamarine Descaling Liquid is an easy to use acid compound for removing water scale and iron dioxide deposits. It is inhibited to protect metal surfaces. It works by attacking the alkaline earth deposits that can be formed on metal surfaces.

It must not be used on zinc, aluminium, stainless steel, galvanized materials or cast iron.

For the removal of scale from:
• Boilers
• Condensers
• Evaporators
• Heat exchangers
• Cooling and pipe systems
• For the descaling of mussel and crustacean growth in seawater systems and hulls

A preliminary test should be carried out on samples of the scale or deposit to be cleaned to select the best concentration and conditions.
Aquamarine Descaling Liquid is normally used cold but more effective results are achieved if the solution is raised to 40°C. Most effective descaling is achieved by circulation. (Do not heat to over 40°C as this could lead to liberation of chlorine gas and live steam heating will cause an increase in solution level for which an allowance should be made.

1. If the surfaces are oily use Aquawash or Natural Zest at 1-1.5% solution for degreasing.
2. Initially thorough rinsing with water should be carried out.
3. Aquamarine Descaling Liquid is diluted between 1:4 and 1:9 with water.
4. Adequate ventilation is essential during cleaning.
5. The cleaning operation can take up to 24 hours depending on the thickness and type of deposit.
6. After cleaning the Aquamarine Descaling Liquid solutions should be drained off and the surfaces thoroughly rinsed before neutralising with Aquamarine Aquawash in a 2% solution.

25 litres
Product Ref. 0044