Tank Cleaner HD

Tank Cleaner H.D

Heavy duty concentrated solvent emulsion cleaner


Aquamarine Tank Cleaner is especially suited for cleaning residues from mineral oil
cargoes. Aquamarine Tank Cleaner can be used neat or diluted at elevated temperatures
65- 8O°C, and is especially effective where mechanical agitation is limited. This is
particularly relevant in cleaning areas such as bilges and double bottom tanks.
The dispersant solvents will rapidly penetrate oil residues, breaking them up and freeing
them from surfaces. Detergent wetting agents lower liquid surface tension and increase


• Cleaning residues from bilges, double bottom tanks, fuel oil bunker tanks at sea
• Cleaning oil side of fuel and oil heat exchangers
• Degreasing the engine cooling system
• Upgrading of tanks from BLACK oil to WHITE oil or GRAIN
• General oil and grime cleaning
• May be diluted with kerosene or diesel oil
• Compatible with tank washing machines
• IMO Approved


Aquamarine Tank Cleaner can be used neat by hand, spray or brush application. Direct injection cleaning will require strengths between 0.1% -2% with either fresh or salt water,
for cleaning by recirculation use @ between 0.5% and 3%.
Aquamarine Tank Cleaner is compatible with most common metals, epoxy, polyurethane and zinc silicate coatings.
Available 25, 205 litre
Product Ref. 0048