Oil Spill Kit Wheeled Unit (340 litres)

Oil Spill Kit Wheeled Unit (340 litres)

Wheeled unit designed for larger spills. Spill Kits can be tailor made to suit individual requirements and are available with your company logo or text.



150 Pads, 10 x 8cm x 1.2m Socks, 6 x 8cm x 3m Socks, 2 x small cushions,
2 medium Cushions, 4 Large Cushions, 1 x 1kg Sealing Putty, 1 x 45cm x 65cm Drain Mat,
1 Roll Caution Tape, 5 Bags & Ties, 2 Bags Isol8

Size:107cm (h) x 620 (w) x 860 (d)
Absorbs: 340 litres
Weight: 70kg
Contents: Refill Pack. Contents as above.