Oil Only Booms

Oil Only Booms

For removing oil and hydrocarbons from water or land. Suitable for marinas, rivers, lakes, docks etc. Manufactured with a strong polyproplene external net fabric, complete with metal links.

• Manufactured from hydrophobic materials, our booms will absorb oil and hydrocarbon based products whilst repelling water.
• Encased in a tough outer polypropylene netting for long life and durability.
• Suitable for marinas, ponds, waste water areas, harbours and rivers where oil and other hydrocarbon products are located.
• Each boom is lined with strong polypropylene rope giving added strength and durability. This also stops the boom from stretching, which can lead to the boom splitting.
• Fixed with metal hooks to enable barriers to be created out of a number of booms.

This is vital in confining oil on water.



Code: OB2
Contents: 4
Size: 12cm x 3m
Absorbs: 120 litres
Weight: 11.5kg