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Ship chemical maintenance & cleaning products,  test kits & chemical engineering support since 1992

CHEMICALS – Aquamarine supplies a full range of chemicals for use on board ship. A one-stop-shop, engine chemicals, boiler treatments, cleaning products, maintenance chemicals, toilet, pipework and galley hygiene

COOLANT – Our engine coolants meet the need for both traditional and modern engine coolants including aluminium approved products to suit different fuel types.

MARINE COMPLIANCE –  Products reflect the oceanic and environmental demands of today with reduction in emissions, biodegradable products, recyclable packaging, chemical disposal, BPR, IHM & IMO regulations and guidelines.

BOILER treatments and WATER SYSTEM products including Reverse Osmosis & Potable Water Chemicals.

Shipsan® Potable Water Safety Plans & Potable water management plans & products for management of Water Hygiene on board ship. www.shipsan.co.uk

A full range of MARINE CLEANING products incorporate state of the art environmental technology with quality and well tested marine environmental MAINTENANCE  products that are effective in use.

Marine Engine Coolant Monitoring & Potable Water Monitoring systems.

Our technical team supervises and monitors your engine log sheets & we give a monthly audit report with any remedial actions and recommendations specific to your vessels.

 Cloud Technical Management for coolant, boiler treatments & Potable/drinking Water Management with our test kits

Lab Services and on-board – Testing, Recording, Monitoring

  • MBC, micro-biological testing of engine coolant, fuel oil, lube oil
  • Bunker testing
  • MBC in potable water
  • Legionella lab tests and portable accurate and industry accepted tests, compliant with current Legionella guidelines and PHA & MGN  guidelines, rules and regulations.
  • Coolant and boiler specific parameter on-board test kits

Chemical Know-how

  • Specialist Chemical company focusing totally on chemical products and applications Aquamarine for the marine industry
  • Formulating and producing chemical products since 1992
  • Working with shipowners, managers, superintendents to find the right solution for the right application if it is not available within our current range of products.



UK Head office: 00 44 1684 290077




ISO 9001 Certified & ISO 14000 Accredited


Aquamarine Distributor & Job Opportunities 2021

Distributor Opportunities 2021 – Aquamarine Marine Ship Chemical Sales

  • Aquamarine is always expanding &  interested in looking for new Distributor partners.
  • Our distributors are a carefully selected dedicated team of well-established marine suppliers who are interested in maximising business potential and committed to offering their customers the best possible service together with our products which are manufactured in the U.K.
  • There is a specific opportunity in for new partners who are prepared to invest for maximum return.
  • We are specifically looking for key port Distributors worldwide.
  • Please contact us for a preliminary introduction by email,  laura@aquamarinechemicals.com  or call 00 (44) 1684 290077.

Aquasteel Specific Distributors – Rust Converter Treatment

  • There is an opportunity worldwide for Aquasteel Distributors for our unique and successful Rust Converter and Primer product
  • Aquasteel is a multi-market product for Marine, Industry, Construction, Automotive and retail.

Aquamarine Technical Chemical Sales Representative UK /Europe 2021

  • BDM for UK and Europe maximising customer liaison including on-line meeting platforms, Face-to-face meetings, Technical on-board ship meetings as required.
  • Sales and Marine background an advantage.

Please contact us for a preliminary introduction for all of the above by email,  or call 00 (44) 1684 290077.

Free-Chlorine Colorometer Test Kit for Potable Water

Potable Water Test Kit to assist with the compliance of the current IHR (2005), ILO 178 (2009) and Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) on 20th August 2013. Tektrak offers this easy to use test kit for Free Chlorine (colorometer) Low and High Range, covers drinking water testing and also levels for super-chlorination, includes pH sticks, compact kit comes in sturdy plastic carrying case.

Reference: tektrak Potable Water Free-Chlorine Test Kit

Click Here to see more potable water test kits & products from Tektrak.

Aquamarine  –   Marine Chemicals for all your ship chemical requirements

Boiler Coagulant

Boiler Coagulant

AQUAMARINE BOILER COAGULANT is a liquid sludge conditioner designed to  prevent the formation of solid and sticky deposits in boilers.

How does it work?
BOILER COAGULANT is a physical dispersant product that prevents the formation of large particles in liquid.

  • It functions by keeping solids as small particles
  • Prevents agglomerations from forming.
  • Keeps Boilers Clean
  • Keeps Sludge dispersed for efficient blow-down.

BOILER COAGULANT is primarily used in conjunction with HARDNESS / PHOSPHATE CONTROL. The solids can be removed by the blow down as usual.
In addition BOILER COAGULANT can help to remove small amounts of oil contamination if it arises, by blow down. Oil contamination must of course be stopped if it has arisen.

Results of use
BOILER COAGULANT prevents the formation of adherent deposits and sludges in boilers and thereby reduces clean-downs.

Dosing Instructions
Normal dosage is 20ml daily/tonne of boiler water capacity. Typically this equates to 0.1-0.3 litres/day. This is the recommended initial dose.
BOILER COAGULANT should be dosed directly to the boiler via the bypass pot feeder installed in the boiler feed water line.

25 Litres
Product Ref. 0056

Ship Boiler Coagulant