Aqua Polysperse 676

Membrane scale controller.

Description and Use

POLYSPERSE 676 is a highly concentrated food grade scale inhibitor. The product works by a threshold effect, which means that minute amounts adsorb specifically to the surface of microcrystals thereby preventing further growth and precipitation of the crystals. The product is a polymeric organic scale inhibitor and is effective in controlling carbonate scaling, sulphate scaling and calcium fluoride scaling.

Product Benefits
• Liquid product for ease of application
• High level of active substance
• Wide range of application

General Specification*
Appearance: Colourless Liquid

Treatment and Dosage Requirements
POLYSPERSE 676 should be dosed to give a concentration of 100ppm in the concentrate stream. The level of dosage into the feed stream will depend upon the recovery of the unit. However if the recovery rate is 75% the dosage into the feed stream would be 25 ppm of POLYSPERSE 676.

The product is normally used by prediluting with water to a level that gives easy addition to the equipment being used and also allows a reasonable period between top up for the intermediate storage vessel.
Typically the product would be diluted to between 5-10% and would run without top up for approximately 1 week in the intermediate dosing tank.

NSN J150 6850-99-958-0904
Product Ref. 0034