R.O. Citric Cleaner (Plant Conditioner)

R.O. Citric Cleaner (Plant Conditioner)

Acid Cleaning Product for reverse Osmosis membrane and elements. For the removal of inorganic deposits.

Aquamarine R.O. Citric Cleaner is a food-grade solution, which removes inorganic fouling from membranes.

• No adverse effect with repeated use
• Liquid product, which means less mixing time for the user
• Buffered to maintaining a pH of 2.5 = or 0.5 over a range of dilutions
• Supplied in drums of 25 litres for easy handling

Dosing Instructions
The product should typically be used at a dilution of 10% in proportion to the total volume of the cleaning systems inclusive of cleaning tank, interconnecting pipe-work, filtration and membrane pressure vessels and elements.

Cleaning instructions of the equipment manufacturer should always be maintained.

Pack Size 25 Litres
NSN J150 6840-99-498-9012
Product Ref. 0023