RO High pH Cleaner/Sanitiser

Aquamarine RO High pH Cleaner/Sanitiser

Membrane cleaning compound for sulphates scales and organic fouling.

Description and Use
RO High is a membrane cleaner based on the sodium salt of EDTA and has been developed to assist in the cleaning of acid insoluble sulphates of calcium, barium and strontium, as well as calcium fluoride.
RO High is also very effective when used in combination with high pH detergent
cleaners such as Aquamarine RO Cleaner D to help remove organic substances and microbial slimes.

Product Benefits
• Liquid product for ease of application
• High level of active substance
• Wide range of application

General Specification*
Appearance: Colourless Liquid
pH as Supplied: 13.0
*All figures approximate

Treatment and Dosage Requirements
Cleaning solutions should be made up with free water to give 2.0 – 2.5% solution of RO High, when using RO High to remove calcium sulphate and calcium fluoride deposits the cleaning solution should be adjusted to pH 9.5 – 10.5 by the addition of Aquamarine Cleaner MDA. The duration of the cleaning cycle will depend on the severity of the scaling, although removal tends to be very slow. In severe cases it may be necessary to soak the membranes with RO High for 24 hours longer.
It is possible to monitor the progress of the cleaning by the pick up of hardness salts in the cleaning solution.
When using RO High to remove organic debris or biofilm, RO Cleaner LO should be used after flushing out the RO Cleaner High. Biocides such as Membrane Biocide LD can also be included at 0.1-0.2% where biofouling exists.
RO High should always be used as recommended by the membrane manufacture in respect to temperature and pH, as compatibility with all membrane types should not be assumed.

NSN J150-6810-99-133-5949 Product Ref. 0031