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Aquamarine Universal Anti-freeze is an Ethylene Glycol based anti-freeze for ships and lifeboats. It contains inhibitors to protect radiators and engines, including aluminium engines, against rust and corrosion.
The anti-freeze should be left in cooling systems throughout the year and will thus give all year round corrosion protection.
Aquamarine Universal Anti-freeze contains no methanol and has a low flammability.

It is biodegradable and does not present an environmental problem.

Note: Whilst ethylene glycol is biodegradable it is TOXIC to animal and human metabolisms.

• Ethylene Glycol based anti-freeze
• Conforms to requirements of British Standard BS 6580: 1992
• Contains no methanol
• Contains effective inhibitor to give all year round protection against rust and corrosion
• Suitable for all commonly available commercial engine cooling systems including aluminium engines.

A 25% solution (1 part anti-freeze to 3 parts water) will remain fluid down to –14°C.
In severe winter conditions, increase to a 33% solution (1 part anti-freeze to 2 parts water) to give protection down to –17°C.

NB: Antifreeze used in engine & most applications should be changed annually to give optimum protection

Pack Size 25 litres
NSN J100 6850-99-797-2246

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