Fuel Combustion Improver

Fuel Combustion Improver

FUEL COMBUSTION IMPROVER is a catalytic combustion improver which permits the burning of lower cost residual fuel oils.

How does it work?
The catalytic properties of FUEL COMBUSTION IMPROVER allow heavy fuel particles to be successfully consumed during the act of combustion. Ignition temperature is lowered and combustion improved. In addition physical agents decrease or prevent sludge formation and separate emulsified water. The catalytic properties of FUEL COMBUSTION IMPROVER also help to prevent the formation of acidic gases, which typically create sulphuric acid corrosion in the cooler parts of the boiler or engine. These include cylinder liners, valve stems, exhaust trunking and funnel uptakes.

Results of use
Engine and exhaust components are kept cleaner with less maintenance and cleaning required. Less carbon and soot is emitted thereby reducing smoke. The fuel system has less clogging and better fuel flow, giving better combustion. Acid
corrosion is reduced in the cold end of the engine. Fuel tanks and pipes are left clean and free of sludge.

Dosing Instructions
FUEL COMBUSTION IMPROVER should be fed via a metering pump into the suction side of the booster pump. As a second option it can be added to the settling tank. Ideally dosage rates should be determined from fuel analysis tests. Alternatively as a
general guide a dose of 1:4000 should be applied. For a regular maintenance programme a dose of 1 litre per 25 tonnes is recommended.

CCR % = Conradson Carbon Residue




A catalytic combustion treatment which effects combustion to give more successful
burning of low grade heavy fuels. It also has some physical properties.

PACK SIZE 25 LTR Product Ref. 0059