Fuel Vanadium Controller

Fuel Vanadium Controller

FUEL VANADIUM CONTROLLER modifies fuel ash raising melting and sinter temperatures. The non sticking particles produced are then emitted in the exhaust gases.

How does it work?
FUEL VANADIUM CONTROLLER is a physically modifying product that forms an ash on burning that combines with the vanadium and sodium ash from the fuel oil resulting in a complex ash that has a higher melting temperature than is normally maintained in the
engine. The complex ash is consequently unable to attach to the surfaces and is either emitted or loosely attached to turbocharger and exhaust surfaces.
In addition FUEL VANADIUM CONTROLLER helps to prevent the catalytic effect on fuel sulphur of vanadium which increases the formation of the undesirable sulphur trioxide and decreases the formation of sulphur dioxide. In this way FUEL VANADIUM CONTROLLER yields a reduction in acidic corrosion.

Results of use
FUEL VANADIUM CONTROLLER reduces high temperature corrosion on exhaust valve seats and turbocharger components. Valve seating is improved as impacted ash is reduced. Valve and seat lives are extended. Turbocharger and exhaust system fouling is reduced. Problems caused by sodium and vanadium contamination are reduced.

Dosing Instructions
FUEL VANADIUM CONTROLLER should be dosed into the service tank or via a chemical feed pump into the suction side of the booster pump.
Ideally dosing should be set according to fuel analysis. If not available initially dose at a rate of 1:4000 or more depending on the severity of the problem.








FUEL VANADIUM CONTROLLER physically adjusts the potential deposits of corrosion
causing sodium and vanadium ash by raising their melting point. thereby allowing the
potentially damaging deposits to be exhausted.
PACK SIZE 25 LTR Product Ref. 0060