Fuel Soot Remover Powder

Fuel Soot Remover Powder

FUEL SOOT REMOVER is a powder product. It reduces soot and slag deposits.

How does it work?
FUEL SOOT REMOVER is a catalytically modifying product that reduces the normal ignition temperature of soot from 600°C to 300°C. This means that carbonaceous deposits are more easily ignited and the resultant ash is easily removed from engine exhaust systems.

Results of use
FUEL SOOT REMOVER yields greater fuel efficiency by preventing the build up of soot on heat exchangers. It also reduces acid formation which can cause cold end corrosion in heat exchangers, superheaters and exhausts.

Dosing Instructions
FUEL SOOT REMOVER should be introduced to the exhaust system upstream of the area to be treated.









FUEL SOOT REMOVER is a powder product that prevents soot deposits by adjusting ignition temperature. SOOT REMOVER LIQUID is also available (See Product 17).

PACK SIZE 25KG KEG Product Ref. 0061