Fuel Sludge Control

Fuel Sludge Control

FUEL SLUDGE CONTROL is a pre-combustion treatment used to physically adjust fuel oils.

How does it work?
FUEL SLUDGE CONTROL helps to improve and clean up fuel oil this prevents feed problems and also improves the combustion properties of the fuel oil.
FUEL SLUDGE CONTROL operates in several different beneficial ways. Firstly it helps to prevent the formation of sludge, and it also disperses existing sludge. Secondly it breaks water in oil emulsions and gives superior separation of water impurities and sediments from the fuel oil. Centrifuges then work more effectively to remove water and sediment contaminants. Thirdly FUEL SLUDGE CONTROL contains a corrosion inhibitor which leaves a thin coating of water repellent film, whilst simultaneously neutralising acid attack.

Results of use
Fuel oil bunker lines remain cleaner and filter blockages are reduced. All system components remain cleaner. Down time of engines and boilers is reduced due to better running. Combustion improves because a cleaner burn is achieved. Fuel system components and tanks have reduced corrosion and longer lives.

Dosing Instructions
FUEL SLUDGE CONTROL can be dosed to the bunker tank, introduced to the settling tank or dosed into the transfer line from storage.
Ideally dosage rates should be determined from fuel analysis tests. If test results are not available an initial dose of 1:3000 is recommended.

SHF = Sediment by Hot Filtration
ASTM SPOT = Modified Spot Compatibility Test




Secondary Use
FUEL SLUDGE CONTROL can also be used as a cleaner for oil preheaters, burner tips, fuel filters and other components of the fuel system.

Precombustion bunker treatment to overcome problems with poor quality fuel oil by physically modifying the fuel oil.

PACK SIZE 25 LTR Product Ref. 0058