Soot Remover Liquid

Soot Remover Liquid

Aquamarine Soot Remover is a blend of metal nitrates and catalysts in liquid form, formulated to inhibit the build-up of fire-side deposits and reduce existing deposits.

• Easy to use liquid
• Effective soot removal from exhaust gas economiser
• Aids/maintains economiser efficiency
• Minimise exhaust gas particulate matter
• For on-load removal and prevention of fire-side deposits in exhaust gas systems
• Vaporises quickly and is distributed throughout the exhaust gas system impregnating deposits such as soot, bonded vanadium or sulphatic compounds
• Modifies deposits chemically and physically allowing them to be easily removed by soot blowing or manual cleaning
• Existing deposits may be loosened and disintegrate after a few weeks of treatment
• Will maintain the condition of clean exhaust gas systems
• Ideally suited for ballast and other tank protection during ship lay-up periods.

Aquamarine Soot Remover should be applied to the hottest part of the exhaust gas system. Application is via a pressure pot and injection lance operated with compressed air at 50 – 100 p.s.i.. Injection should be as near to the turbocharger outlet as possible.

The recommended dosage will vary between 5 – 20 litres per system depending upon the heating surface area.
Following the injection of Aquamarine Soot Remover, 5 litres of fresh water should be injected via the dosing pot in order to keep the injection nozzle clean. If the nozzle becomes blocked cleaning should be effected by immersing the nozzle in hot water.
The frequency of Soot Remover addition will depend on the nature and severity of the problem, varying from daily for severe deposition, to weekly as a maintenance dosage. It is not necessary to ease the system loading or interfere in any way with normal operations when using Aquamarine Soot Remover.

Pack Size 25 Litres
NSN J350-6850-99-993-0796 Product Ref. 0017