BWT Organic 3 

One-Shot Boiler Water Treatment

BWT Organic 3 is a liquid blend of neutralised organic acids, corrosion scale and sludge conditioners.

The product is designed for use in low or medium pressure boilers.

Polymer technology protects against scale, alkalinity is added to prevent corrosion and an organic compound is formed throughout the boiler to protect against corrosion.

Continuous dosing using a dosing pump is recommended.

It is also recommended to be used in conjunction with BWT Organic 4 which acts as an effective filming treatment on condensate lines.

BWT Organic 3 and BWT Organic 4 should not be mixed, so two separate dosing systems should be used.

Directions for Use

The boiler water should meet the following conditions

  • p-Alkalinity 150- 200ppm CaCO3
  • Chloride 100ppm max. for medium pressure boilers
  • Chloride 300ppm max. for low pressure boilers
  • pH 10.5 to 11.0
  • Conductivity 400-1000 micro Siemens/cm

Initial Dose 0.5 litre/metric  tonne of boiler water, then re-check dose to maintain pH and Alkalinity levels.

0.2 litres should be dosed/day to maintain treatment levels when combined with regular blow down.

Product Ref: Organic 3