Aquamarine Aquawash (IMO) T1080A

Suitable for the removal of fatty acids, fish oils and other drying or semi-drying oil deposits.

Usage Instructions

Tank Recirculation Method
Aquamarine Aquawash is added to a mixing tank containing a fresh water quantity of 1% of the capacity of the tank to be cleaned. Using a cleaning solution of 0.2-2% heated to 60-80˚C,wash the tanks by circulation for 2-6 hours, after which the solution can be recycled to the mixing tank for reuse.
One solution can normally be used to wash several tanks.. After circulation rinse thoroughly with water.

Direct Injection Method
Inject 1-2 litres of Aquamarine Aquawash per 100 litres of wash water directly into the tank washing system. Heat to 60-80˚C. After cleaning rinse thoroughly with water.
Product Ref. TC01