BWT Organic 4 – Oxygen Scavenger 

BWT Organic 4 is an environmentally safe oxygen scavenger based on neutralised organic acids and volatile amines.

It removes oxygen from feed-water as well as forming an organic iron compound on steel surfaces. It will also protect copper surfaces.

BWT Organic 4 can be used in low and medium pressure systems.

Directions for Use

BWT Organic 4 should be dosed to give a pH of 9.0-10.0 in the condensate returns.

If hot-well temperatures are maintained above 80⁰C a condensate pH range of 9.0-9.5 should be sought, if temperatures are lower than this then condensate returns should be maintained at a pH between 9.5-10.

Dose Rate

An initial dose rate of 0.2 Litre/m³ of boiler water should be used.

This can be increased to 0.7 Litre/m³ for systems showing signs of corrosion for a few days.

BWT Organic 4 should be dosed continuously via a metering pump directly into the feed system or the exhaust gas economiser circulating pump discharge.

BWT Organic 4 MUST NEVER BE SLUG DOSED to a running system via a hot-well or by-pass feeder.

Pack Size 25 Litre