Chemical Metering Systems

Chemical Metering Systems

Air Cooler Cleaner Dosing & T/C Compressor and Intercooler washing & cleaning Injector

The ACC Injection System forms a complete dosing system for the dosage of a cleaning agent for the charged air inlet of a charge air cooler.
The product is injected by a mist jet nozzle that produces very fine droplets of ± 100 μm
at 5 barg. After injecting the cleaning agent, it is to be recommended to flush with water. The system consists of a carbon steel epoxy coated dosing pot with a contents of 2.5 Ltrs, equipped with a filling funnel, air inlet valve, a pre-set pressure relief valve (8,5 barg),
drain valve, and two discharge valves.












Fig 1. Liquid System
The system is also equipped with a mounting bracket.
Please ask for full information for this product including installation instructions and
for specific applications.
The system is designed to be used with most engine types
Full spec sheets dosing instruction and information available on request.
Supply: The Air Cooler Cleaner Dosing Unit is supplied separatelyy to the dosing
injectors. Please specify how may injectors required and the engine details. We will
always confim this by order confirmation.
Order Items:
2.1. a) Air Cooler Dosing Unit/pot NSN J150-7920-99-553-4055
2.1. b) Air Cooler Injector NSN J150-4730-99-958-6080
Please Note: Powder System also available, please state at the time of ordering which you require.

2(a) Boiler Water Dosing Unit
Comprising solenoid driven dosing pump w/ de-aerator,tank,adjustable suction assembly w/float switch, dosing tube, injection valve, valve spring, connector







PUMP, DOSING solenoid driven:
7.7 litres/hr @ 7 bar:
c/w de-aerator:
100-230V, no relay
TANK pe:60 litre: w/embossed scale:0.750in. drain plug:
screw-on lid: pump mount holes
SUCTION ASSEMBLY adjustable: w/float switch
TUBE plastics:10000mm lg:dosing:6/4mm
VALVE,INJECTION plastics:1 bar
VALVE,SPRING hastelloy:1 bar:foot valve
CONNECTOR hot water:8mm with 1/2in. BSP adaptor
NSN J150-99-000-4349

Evaporator Fresh Water Dosing Kit


When used for treating marine evaporators, the product should be dosed continuously into the sea water feed line where all of the treatment will enter the evaporator.
Since Evaporator Scale Controller is highly concentrated it should be pre-mixed with cool distillate in a separate dosing tank and dosed via a flow meter or metering pump.
The recommended daily dose rate is dependent on brine density (S.G.) which should be checked daily with a hydrometer and is normally as indicated below.
The standard dosage, applicable to most systems, is 0.01 litres of Evaporator Scale Controller per tonne of distillate produced. This is based on
the production capacity of the evaporator. In a standard 25 metre tonne/day
evaporator use 25 x 0.010 = 0.25 litres Evaporator Scale Controller/day.
Setting the Flow Rate: The treatment is added to the dosage tank and mixed with water.
For example:
With the 0.25 litres of Evaporator Scale Controller add sufficient water to make up 50 litres of liquid.

Flow rate calculation:

Flow rate = 50 litres / 24 x 60 = 35ml/min setting.
This will then last 24 hours

N.B: The brine density should not exceed a density of 1.038. The scaling potential increases rapidly over this level. An increase in the amount of Evaporator Scale Controller used will assist in retaining potential scale forming salts in suspension.
For example: If the density rises to 1.050 the dosage should be 0.06 litres/tonne of water produced
NSN J150 6850-99-613-2112

2(c) Liquid Antifoulant seawater dosing unit.

Comprising solenoid driven dosing pump w/o valve spring, tank, adjustable suction assembly w/float switch, dosing tube, injection valve and valve spring Liquid Antifoulant Dosing Unit







DOSING PUMP solenoid driven:
230VAC:5.3 l/hr at 8 bar:
clear cover:supplied
w/o valve springs:50/60Hz
TANK pe:60 litre: w/embossed scale:0.750in. drain plug:
screw on lid:pump mount holes
SUCTION ASSEMBLY adjustable: w/float switch
TUBE plastics:10000mm lg:dosing:6/4mm
VALVE,INJECTION plastics:1 bar
VALVE,SPRING hastelloy:1 barefoot valve
NSN J150 6850-99-700-8669

2(d) Autochlorinator Dosing Kit


LC64 B2 KTCI CZ Series
T& Dosing Pump
4.73 Litres P/hr
Complete with 60 litre PE tank with screw-on lid
Adjustable suction assembly with float switch 8 x Tube d 8/5 mm PE
NSN J150-4610-99-460-2631




2(e) Vacuum Pump:
This robust cost effective manual pump action pump is designed for use with all types of chemicals and oils eliminating spillage and skin contact with industrial fluids. The pump is suitable for dispensing from a 25 litre drum dispensing up to
20 litres per minute. For all the standard Aquamarine Chemicals range order the Red Pump.
• Blue Pump – Coolants/Oils
• Red Pump – Chemicals (this covers all chemicals except acids and oils) RE-ORDER CODE SPPPRED
• Green Pump – *Speciality Chemicals


Please ask for full details on any of the above products or see our
NSN J150 -4320-99-369-1498