Boiler Coagulant

Boiler Coagulant

AQUAMARINE BOILER COAGULANT is a liquid sludge conditioner designed to  prevent the formation of solid and sticky deposits in boilers.

How does it work?
BOILER COAGULANT is a physical dispersant product that prevents the formation of large particles in liquid.

  • It functions by keeping solids as small particles
  • Prevents agglomerations from forming.
  • Keeps Boilers Clean
  • Keeps Sludge dispersed for efficient blow-down.

BOILER COAGULANT is primarily used in conjunction with HARDNESS / PHOSPHATE CONTROL. The solids can be removed by the blow down as usual.
In addition BOILER COAGULANT can help to remove small amounts of oil contamination if it arises, by blow down. Oil contamination must of course be stopped if it has arisen.

Results of use
BOILER COAGULANT prevents the formation of adherent deposits and sludges in boilers and thereby reduces clean-downs.

Dosing Instructions
Normal dosage is 20ml daily/tonne of boiler water capacity. Typically this equates to 0.1-0.3 litres/day. This is the recommended initial dose.
BOILER COAGULANT should be dosed directly to the boiler via the bypass pot feeder installed in the boiler feed water line.

25 Litres
Product Ref. 0056

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