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tektrak – For all your Marine test kits, lab tests & marine dosing equipment visit www.tektrak.co.uk

  • Marine Potable Water Test Kits – Ballast Water Test Kit –  Legionella Testing, Effluent test Kits – Free Chlorine test kits – Turbidity 
  • Boiler test kits and Dosing Equipment – Effluent Test Kits – Liquid Antifoulant dosing kit – Evaporator Dosing kit – Potable Water Dosing Kit
  • MBC Testing (Lube, Fuel, Hydraulic),  Lube & Hydraulic Oil Testing – Incubators
  • Cooling water test kits & more

visit  www.tektrak.co.uk  where you can order or enquire on-line or by phone for Aquamarine or Tektrak sales or enquiries call 00 44 (0) 1684 290077 or email us your enquiry.