Aquamarine Chemical Supplier to Ships & Marine Industry since 1992

Aquamarine Chemicals, a British owned company, is proud to supply a comprehensive range of  ship chemicals to the Marine Industry since 1992.

Our global reach and technical support combined with proactive innovation and state of the art chemical product portfolio makes us the No. 1 choice.

Working with equipment names such as Hamworthy, Wartzila, Rolls Royce, MAN B&W, Aalborg, Sulzer for Engines, Boilers, Effluent plant, Reverse Osmosis Equipment, Oily Water Separators, Purifiers and an all-encompassing ship package our customers have the confidence to work with us and ask for advice on chemical applications for specific equipment and cleaning issues.

Aquamarine gives full technical assistance for coolant and boiler management, with monthly feedback on ship coolant logs together with online management options.

Additionally we  offer Water Safety Plans for Potable Water and a full management service if required. visit for more information or call us on 00 44 (0) 1684 290077 or email





British Shipping Company

Aquamarine has supplied chemicals for our tanker fleet of ships for approximately 10 years and we have found them to be efficient in delivery, modest in cost and extremely helpful when advice is sought.

They have supplied all our cleaning, cooling and boiler water treatments and test kits and monitor the test results we send.  The chemicals have been efficient in use with clear instructions and with safety data sheets provided.

RFA & Aquasteel time-saving solution

aquasteelUsing Aquasteel, ships staff have treated and re-coated the areas from both accommodation ladder tops back to the accommodation: they are feeling justifiably satisfied with their performance.  With diminishing time, resources and weather they need a rapid method of preparing for and applying coatings that will see the ship across the Atlantic and through a British winter.  I think only AQUASTEEL can provide that method.

Aquasteel Rust Treatment & Protection

Shell tankers

…with regard to our own fleet I have to admit to having some concern when we made the decision several years ago to move our chemical supplies to Aquamarine.  In the event my fears proved to be groundless as your products have given equal results to anything we have used in the past and and always at a very competitive price …


Ship Management Company

The visit you arranged last week from  Aquamarine was useful.

We were left a couple of samples of products that he thought were better suited to our needs onboard.

The Aquawash was better than the natural zest cleaner at cleaning bulkheads of traffic grime, soot and graphite grease. We will be ordering it in future on the MVK.

As long as the cost is not too much more then I would recommend that it is used across the fleet.

Also for ISO 14001 purposes it is biodegradable. It is also not harmful to the users, even if in contact with skin neat.

A good product


International Towage Company

A large international towage company being an ISO 9002 registered company are dedicated to providing the marine industry with a quality service and to achieve our aim we demand the very best from our suppliers.

Aquamarine have for many years provided us with products, delivery and technical support that is second to none, therefore remaining the sole chemical company on our list of approved suppliers.


We highly recommend Aquamarine Chemicals range of merchandise to any prospective purchaser

International bulk carriers & tanker company


..we have now used the product in several areas all with considerable success.

we had particular problems in and around sharp edges of the hatch covers.  Aquatan has been used here around the rubber packing gutters and behind the rubber prior to recoating with our epoxy and chlorinated rubber top coating system.  Both have proved successful and reduced maintenance.

The second area is in the ballast tanks in and around rat holes, sharp edges etc in particular relating to the top side tanks.  All our tanks are coated with coal tar epoxy or modified epoxies.  However, due to numerous reasons there will be breakdown  in these areas as described.

Top side tanks are not the best places to work and can be hot and stuffy.  Painting has proved a problem due to the nature of the paint and ventilation in confined spaces.  With Aquatan the crew do not have any problems with application or fumes and are quite happy to do the work required without any detriment or infringements on health or sefety at work.  Preparation has been reduced and apllication is easy thus ensuring that actual time to do the work is reduced.

Overall were are very satisfied with the product and have used it with success in various other areas both in the engine room and on deck, all of which have proved successful.

We will continue to use the product as and when required thus assuring you of our continued business