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..we have now used the product in several areas all with considerable success.

we had particular problems in and around sharp edges of the hatch covers.  Aquatan has been used here around the rubber packing gutters and behind the rubber prior to recoating with our epoxy and chlorinated rubber top coating system.  Both have proved successful and reduced maintenance.

The second area is in the ballast tanks in and around rat holes, sharp edges etc in particular relating to the top side tanks.  All our tanks are coated with coal tar epoxy or modified epoxies.  However, due to numerous reasons there will be breakdown  in these areas as described.

Top side tanks are not the best places to work and can be hot and stuffy.  Painting has proved a problem due to the nature of the paint and ventilation in confined spaces.  With Aquatan the crew do not have any problems with application or fumes and are quite happy to do the work required without any detriment or infringements on health or sefety at work.  Preparation has been reduced and apllication is easy thus ensuring that actual time to do the work is reduced.

Overall were are very satisfied with the product and have used it with success in various other areas both in the engine room and on deck, all of which have proved successful.

We will continue to use the product as and when required thus assuring you of our continued business

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