Aquawash No.1 Ship Degreaser

Aquamarine No. 1 All-round degreaser, why have too many products on board? 



Tank Cleaning



Fabrics & Overalls

General purpose water-based degreaser and Ultrasonic Tank Fluid and for the removal of coal dust residues.Aquawash is the preferred Alkaline degreaser for removal of oil and residues including salt prior to use of Aquasteel Rust Converter.

Aquamarine Aquawash is a top quality general purpose cleaning and degreasing agent.
Originally developed in Scandinavia this unique combination of surface-active agents, sequestrants and alkaline builders was formulated for performance and economy and was designed to reduce the need for mechanical agitation, it is able to rapidly lift dirt, grime and oil from painted surfaces.
It offers complete safety to the environment and persons handling it, being non-toxic, non-caustic, free from solvents and completely biodegradable. It is a non-flammable, water based cleaner, safe to use on all materials and can be used in non-ventilated areas. The use of advanced wetting agents gives it exceptional solvency power on dirt and oily matters and it splits after cleaning, releasing the oil phase for reclamation.

• Special product for the removal of coal dust
• Aquawash has been developed for all types of cleaning and degreasing and contains an emulsifier
• Can be used to clean the majority of tank coating materials, lacquered or painted surfaces, light materials, plastics and textiles
• Can be used in ultrasonic tanks and immersion soak tanks
• It is especially designed to be used in the offshore market
• Aquawash has many general cleaning purposes, i.e. the removal of oil, sludge, carbon deposits, greases, general dirt and grime
• Cleaner for Engine Room
• Cleaner for cargo tank (after mineral, animal, vegetable and fish oils)
• Cleaner for decks, toilets, bulkhead and galley
• Cleaner for soiled materials, such as covers, mats, rugs, overalls, etc
• Cleaner for hulls, painted surfaces and glass fibre boats
• Very suitable for pressure washing at around 200:1
• IMO approved and certified.

Dose Rates
1. It may be used neat or diluted by up to 50 parts of water, according to the amount and type soil to be removed
2. Direct injection method into tank washing machines Dose rate: 0.5 – 5 litres per tonne wash water (0.05 – 0.5%)
3. Recirculation method. Dose rate: 0.5 – 7 litres per tonne wash water (0.05 – 0.7%)
4. Spot Cleaning. Hand sprayed neat or diluted up to 1 – 5 parts water and left for about 20 – 30 minutes before washing off with water
5. For removing final coal dust residues, spray on neat, leave for 10 – 20 minutes and then pressure wash with fresh or sea water.
6. Ultrasonic tank cleaning. 50ml : 50 ltrs water (increase as required).
Pack Size 25 Litre
NSN J200 7930-99-873-9343 Product Ref. 0009

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