OSD – Oil Spill Dispersant Liquid

Approved Type II / III OSD High Performance Oil Spill Dispersant

A high performance, low toxicity oil spill dispersant developed to meet the requirements of Warren Springs Laboratory Specification LR448 (OP).  Superdispersant 25 is approved as a Type 2 and Type 3 Dispersant under Test Qualification CSR 4600/8902798

Superdispersant 25 has been tested by the Fisheries Laboratory of the Ministry of
Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and was found to be of low toxicity to crangon
(brown shrimp) and patella vulgata (common limpet). This makes Superdispersant
25 suitable for use at sea, on beaches and rocky shores.
Due to the low toxicity of Superdispersant 25 it has been awarded license
• Does not contain hydrocarbon solvents
• Completely biodegradable in the marine environment
• Ministry approved product
• Low toxicity


Rate of application should be 1 part to 20 – 30 parts of oil, although this will depend on many factors, which include, type of oil, viscosity, degree of weathering, ambient
temperature and prevailing conditions.
In general, the oil should be treated quickly, as weathering increases the viscosity of the oil and this necessitates a subsequent increase in dispersant requirement.
Type II : (water dilutable) Concentrate. Premix at a ratio of 1 part to 10 parts of sea water and spray onto the slick using surface breaker boards or other enhanced agitation techniques
to give greater mixing of the dispersant/oil emulsion.
Type III : (undiluted mode) Ready to Use. Use neat with appropriate spraying equipment
from aircraft or vessels onto the slick. In all circumstances the Type 3 mode is the pre-

We can supply as Type II pre-diluted if required.
Available in 25, 205 and 1000 litre containers
Product Ref. 0046