Hose Super-Chlorinator – Shipsan®

HOSE Super-chlorination using Shipsan®

It is ideal for use in water hygiene storage tanks and pipe work treatment applications, where it quickly eradicates Legionella, Pseudomonas and other microbes.

Available in  25L,
FW Hoses (MGN 397); “FW Hoses. Flush and fill with a chlorine solution and allow to stand for at least an hour before emptying and stowage”
Minimum 6 Monthly intervals.

Using Shipsan;

1. It is recommend   that the filling hose is connected to the ships filling line with internal valves in the shut position.

2.  Dilute 1 litre Shipsan to 20 litres of deionised water (200ppm free-chlorine).

3.  Sterilization – Fill with Shipsan and allow to stand for a few minutes before discharging.

4. Ensure the fresh water filling connection and hoses are capped before stowing.

Shipsan is an excellent choice for chlorinating the fresh water system components because it does not have the corrosive effect of traditional chlorination products nor does it
carry the hazards of use.
For more information on Shipsan Products see www.shipson.co.uk
Pack Sizze 25 Ltr. Drum