Cloud system for hands-on system performance, monitoring & easy record keeping for Boilers, Engines, Drinking/fresh water, Hygiene & Prevention of Legionnaires’ Disease

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Aquamarine real-time digital dosing option is ideal for todays’ ship. It allows our Tektrak® cloud-based data-sharing, to optimise boiler efficiency, from multi-locations for easy management & system monitoring.

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Training – Cleaning, testing, dosing, maintenance, engines, boilers



Aquamarine offers training for Testing, Monitoring & Maintaining Boilers, Cooling Systems, Galley Hygiene, Legionella & Potable Water. In addition we are able to offer a wide range of digital training material. Ask for details contact us



Aquasteel is a unique corrosion control system developed by Bayer-Wood Technologies for use on rusted ferrous metal surfaces. It has been used extensively in the marine industry for over 20 years during which time it has been further improved to become the Ship and Motor Industries most popular rust treatment and preventative product. youtube video Aquasteel is water based and solvent free. It contains no harsh phosphoric or hydrofluoric acids, making it safer for employees and for the environment. Aquasteel can extend paint life in excess of 3 years. Aquasteel easy preparation, remove rust flakes, de-grease and de-salt, may be applied damp. Aquasteel can be left in its black finish, or can be over-painted.

Water Safety Plans from SHIPSAN® – the fast solution to compliance for Potable/drinking/freshwater/domestic water

Water Safety Plan for M.L.C. 2006 compliance, as well as on-board testing and Potable Water Managent Cloud System. Our Water Safety Plans are designed to your specific systems, needs and circumstances. Shipsan plan is quick and easy to implement, it will identify your systems on board and identify what testing is required, where it is required and the frequency. We provide all that is required on board for your water management and can offer a package to suit your needs. We do not over-specify your testing requirements and our user-friendly system enables you to have peace of mind in terms of compliance with legislation, quality water for your crew and maximum reduction in the risk of on-board pathogens including legionnaires’ disease. Call us now for more information: 01684 290077 or email SSC@aquamarinechemicals.com, or go direct to SHIPSAN®

Ship Drinking Water Super-Chlorination – New Spray Method using Shipsan®

The most efficient method including Hoses, taps and pipework. The new method of Super-chlorination on a ship for drinking water shipsan drumsystems and tank is to use use a spray method with SHIPSAN sterilant/Drinking Water Treatment. It can save days of work and eliminate unnecessary waste of water, time and money. Shipsan is heavily diluted and uniformly sprayed throughout the Potable Water Tanks on board, the pipework will need re-circulating to ensure the pipework is done too. Its results take minutes instead of hours, so no wasted waiting time. No need to empty the tank after, remove any debris and good to go. Shipsan is more effective than hypochlorite and is not corrosive to the tanks or systems. Shipsan is Supplied in 25 litre drums. Keep a stock on board (in most cases 2-4 drums is adequate) in case of an outbreak of legionella or in case of requirement to super-chlorinate by the Port Health Authority. Thee cleaning solutions give Value-for-money & Best Practice more info here