Quat – San 350

Quat-San 350

Cargo/Reefer Vessel Cleaner, Sanitizer & De-Odoriser


QAC based liquid detergent sanitizer for cleaning and sanitising food contact surfaces
and for use as a terminal rinse sanitizer. The product will eliminate most known types of
bacterial growth, fungi, slime and moulds.
The product will de-odorise cargo holds and food storage areas.
For a sanitiser-only product against bacteria, infection, moulds and biofilm use Shipsan
Spray Sanitizer available in 500ml spray bottles or in bulk packs.

Dosage Instructions

Manual Use: By brush or cloth use at 1% (10ml per litre) in hand hot water. 45-50°C.
Pressure Washer: 0.25% – 0.5% (2.5ml/ltr – 5ml/ltr) at 60-70°C.
For all applications a minimum of 15-minute contact time should be allowed.
Always rinse down after use with fresh water.
(This product originally called Quat-San Hi-Bac).

Pack Sizes:

4 x 5  pack

25 Ltr Drum