Aluminium Corrosion Controller CWT Extended Life Coolant –  XLI

A biostable synthetic corrosion inhibitor that gives high levels of corrosion protection to water systems and possess extremely good scale inhibition.

Aquamarine Aluminium corrosion Controller XLI gives long life corrosion protection to a very wide range of engine metals including aluminium, iron and copper.

Compatible with glycols for protection against freezing it is recommended to change every 5 years or 30000 hours in marine applications.


Dosing Instructions:

Recommended dilution rate is 5-10% with a minimum of 5% or as per engine manufacturer’s recommendations.

• The correct dosage should be easily checked using the Aquamarine Coolant Refractometer.
• The engine manufacturer’s recommendations for water quality should always be followed.
• Chloride levels should normally be kept below 50  ppm.


CHEMICAL DOSAGE:  To raise the true concentration by 1% add 10 Litres of Aluminium Corrosion Controller XLI per tonne of water (or water and coolant mix) in the system.

• If Aluminium Corrosion Controller XLI is <5% (True Conc.) URGENT action is required immediately top up the system – Corrosion will occur at this level
• If between 5% & 6%(True Conc.) top up the system to bring it above 6%.
• If between 6% & 7%(True Conc.) no action is required.
• If between 7.5% & 10%,(True Conc.) the concentration is above the level required and no harm will occur to the system.

Specific log sheets are available in hard copy pad format and in pdf.  Logs are forwarded to Aquamarine monthly for review and comment.  This is a free service to our customers.

Aquamarine Aluminium Corrosion Controller has been Approved by most major engine manufacturers.

Available in 20 Litre or 1000 Litre (IBC)



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