Distillate Fuel Improver

Aquamarine Distillate Fuel Improver

Aquamarine Distillate Fuel Improver is designed to improve several properties of modern
distillate fuels.
It controls the formation of sludge and inhibits corrosion whilst simultaneously improving

This helps to reduce problems created by filter clogging, sticking injectors and corrosive attack on fuel system components.


• Improves the lubricity of low sulphur diesel fuels
• Improves storage stability of fuels
• Fights corrosion
• Helps to prevent fuel injector fouling


Dosing Instructions

Dose Aquamarine Distillate Fuel Improver into the feed lines. Product may be added to
storage or blending tanks with adequate mixing.
Add the product at between 1litre per 4 tonnes of fuel.
Pack Size 25 Ltr.
Ref: DFI25